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chelsea dagger [userpic]

Akeelah and the Bee

December 23rd, 2006 (07:11 pm)

Consequences of laughing: uncomfortable

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

chelsea dagger [userpic]

New 'Do

November 7th, 2006 (07:49 pm)

Consequences of laughing: Undecided
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear: Pour Some Sugar on Me -- Def Leppard

Help Chelsea pick a new hairdo!!

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chelsea dagger [userpic]

Campbells, mm mm good.

September 21st, 2006 (02:26 am)

Consequences of laughing: indifferent
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear: Cambell's Soup Jingle

Heh, so I've been thinking a lot lately about the future. Where will I be. Where will you guys be? Will our paths cross? Once we're out of high school, will we not talk to each other again? Will we stick with each other, or crumble apart? Will we go to the same college? Who'll have kids? Who'll be the crazy cat lady (*coughcoughmecough*)? Sometimes I wonder. Not a negative wondering, though. Just...curious.
And I've come up with a list of my possible occupations:

Psychologist (even though I think they're wack-jobs)
Author/Writer in general
Pastry Chef
Marine Biologist

And I've yet to think of more.

Gaah, I've been having a major anxiety/stress/panic attack tonight. I guess it's just because of the massive amounts of homeworks and labs and presentations that I know I'm sure to fail. Hey, it's just middle school, right? If only I could get that into my stupid perfectionistic brain. Rawr. D<

Yeah, I dunno. But I think I'm going to take a break from you guys (haha, it sounds like we're in a relationship) just for a while. "I need some time off." "It's not you, it's me." "I need some space." Insert your insanely cliche breakup line here. : ) Either way, I think I'll take a couple weeks off from talking to you guys, and try and gather myself up, make some sense of my situation. Maybe punch a couple people here and there (psh, I wish). I'm just babbling now. xP I'll still post, I just won't reply to your posts or comments. I'm on partial hiatus? Maybe I won't post entries. I'll figure it out as I go along. : )

Anyways, if this is indeed my last post for a couple weeks, I'll say adios for now!

chelsea dagger [userpic]

It always comes around, back to you

September 19th, 2006 (09:39 pm)

Consequences of laughing: blah
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear: Back to You -- John Mayer

Yuck. Advances Spanish sucks ass.

Well, not really because I love the teacher and she's funny and she treats us like peers. So I just don't like the homework.

We had to write a one page essay. Okay, not so bad, right? It had to be in Spanish. Hell, I can't write a freakin' essay in English, and you expect me to do whaaaa?! Oh well, I'm just crossing my fingers for now.

Aaand on a different note, I'm getting voice lessons. : )

I know, I'm a total copycat, blah blah blah, but it sounded like a good idea, so why not?
And if I can get my butt to some acting lessons, that'd be splediferous.
I'd even do dance if I wasn't cursed with two left feet. Or two right feet. Either way...xP
And once I tackle singing and acting, I can finally make a fool of myself at the school musical audition! :D

Um...yeah. xP
On another, totally bummerific note, my mom checked out books from the library such as How to Cope with Your Depressed Teenager. Umm, wtf? I'm not depressed, god damnit. >:O

And she knows.
And I'm a tad really pissed. >:O

But ending on a happy note!
We're doing Harry Potter in band, woohoo!
And I got some calcium supplements at CVS that don't taste like shit.

chelsea dagger [userpic]

(no subject)

September 16th, 2006 (10:52 pm)

I'm abusing this journal like an SOB. xD

Angst is a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish often accompanied by depression.

Grr, I'm distressed. >:O

chelsea dagger [userpic]

(no subject)

September 16th, 2006 (03:26 pm)

Is anybody mad at me for any reason?

If so, I'd like to know, thanks.

chelsea dagger [userpic]

But she don't love that shit, I know

September 16th, 2006 (01:19 pm)
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear: Ring the Alarm -- Beyonce

haha, I love my English teacher. "No, you're not too loud or eccentric for me! I was you when I was younger, just a little angrier." "Please, let us have silence so everyone can write on their creamy delicous blank page." You guys would like her. : )

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chelsea dagger [userpic]

(no subject)

September 14th, 2006 (05:26 pm)

Okay, strike that idea. Didn't work too well. =-O

But yeah. I dunno what I'm actuall doing updating and all. xP

Except that I shall say that I shall do my best to never write anything that is relevant to my life.


chelsea dagger [userpic]

What if I wanted to break?

September 11th, 2006 (03:58 pm)

Consequences of laughing: quixotic
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear: The Kill -- 30 Seconds to Mars

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Umm, yeah. Congrats tho those who actually roughed it out and read it.
If not, oh well. I wouldn't ave read it, either. ^_^

chelsea dagger [userpic]

I'm an updating fiend!

September 1st, 2006 (11:48 pm)

Raaawr, Chelsea is not a happy camper.
Not at the moment, at least.

But I'll just go to bed and be happy in the morning!

Because that's what the new Chelsea does, she bounces back!

I'm a rubber band...or a trampoline!

Well....that was odd. I need to hire an official pep talk professional, it would make me very happy, yes indeed.

*negative thought*


*banishes it with a flyswatter*

Positive Statement: I need to work on not letting things get to me. Being sensitive is good, but being a downright wuss is baaaaaad. Yay, another goal to work on!

I just need to hug my teddy and hopefully I'll feel better. : )

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